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Amazon's multiple warehouses burst out! Prime Day counts down, but the seller has no goods to sell..

Issuing time:2021-06-15 09:12

Introduction: Warehouse explosion, stock out, slow shelves... Membership day is approaching, seller replenishment becomes the biggest problem?

The "Members Day War" is about to start, and sellers are busy replenishing goods, looking forward to exploding orders day and night. The plan cannot keep up with the changes. Recently, problems such as warehouse explosions, slow shelves, and restricted inventory have frequently appeared. Many sellers have begun to worry about the situation this year.

Not available for sale! Is YYZ4 and YYZ7 liquidated?

Recently, some sellers reported that almost all of the Canadian sites are out of stock, the storage capacity is small, and the shelves are slow. YYZ4 and YYZ7 are also in frequent conditions, and there is no way to replenish them if they are out of stock.

The editor asked several freight forwarders. Some freight forwarders said that the YYZ4 and YYZ7 have been out of stock, and they need to make an appointment to queue up. The goods cannot be filled in, and they are also easy to be rejected and incurred overtime fees. In this regard, the freight forwarders are also powerless and can only be anxious.

Some time ago, the closure of the YYZ4 and YYZ7 warehouses has caused considerable losses to the sellers. This time, the membership day is approaching, but the warehouse has dropped the chain at a critical moment, which naturally made many sellers frustrated.

Combining various factors, presumably the appointment time in a short time will not be much improved, and there may be rejections. Sellers must pay attention to the latest developments in time!

Slow shelves, bursting of warehouses, and rejections made it worse!

Yesterday, some sellers cried in the seller group. Recently, FTW1 was too slow to launch, and it was too slow to panic! At the same time, some sellers said that the warehouses of WRO1 and DTM2 have also been sold out recently, and the timeliness cannot be guaranteed at all, and there have even been rejections.

The editor learned that the average waiting time for FTW1 series FTW delivery drivers is about 8 hours or more. Although the unloading efficiency has been improved, it takes at least 6 hours, which is prone to delay costs.

In addition, sellers should also pay attention to the weight and size of the goods for direct delivery of the FTW series, otherwise it is very likely that the boxes will refuse to unload because the boxes are overweight and oversized, which will incur additional delivery and unpacking costs.

Frequent situations, which means that the time for the delivery of goods will be delayed. Except for those with sufficient inventory, most sellers are facing the dilemma of no goods to sell.

The membership day is approaching, all sellers must be vigilant, be vigilant, and be prepared to deal with possible rejections, liquidation and other issues, and reduce losses and risks as much as possible.

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