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Single listing skyrocketed by 80,000 comments overnight! Seller: Amazon will settle the accounts aft

Issuing time:2021-06-15 10:37

Introduction: Black technology is here again...

The Amazon platform reproduced black technology. Some sellers’ single listings skyrocketed 80,000 reviews overnight, and the content of 20,000+ comments was inconsistent with the actual product. Is it a petty profit or a huge profit? Is it worth the seller to use the product or even the account to try the insurance?

Single listing skyrocketed by 80,000 comments overnight

Black technology can be said to be there every year, and some sellers have been unable to restrain their desire to get rich and have begun to go into the sea. Recently, the once-popular mirror listings have revived. Some sellers have relied on this black technology to skyrocket 80,000 comments overnight, and sellers have issued rewards for everyone to propose countermeasures, measures and ideas about mirror listings, and prepare to sue Amazon.

Mirror listing, that is, by copying the listing comments of products in the same category, one product listing or multiple product listings can be alive at the same time, and the same brand name and detail page can also be shared.

Some sellers speculate that mirrored listings use the relationship between UPC and SKU and ASIN to force them to merge, like a father-son relationship, which cannot be easily separated. Just like these links, even if they are complained, they will be resurrected in a few days. This has a great impact on sellers in some categories, and may even swallow some sellers.

Regarding the operating principle of mirroring listings, a seller gave a book case, which is to create a listing, open the case and hang it under the review book, after the review is shared, refresh the original category brand, and then merge it into the selling ASIN.

But it was this black technology that killed a large wave of sellers, because the brother-in-law was never soft. As early as 2019, some people passed this black technology, and the number of comments soared to 35,000 overnight, and a lot of tickle sellers rushed to it. As a result, Amazon took special care of it. The mirror listing was emptied and the account number was empty. blocked.

The product is a water cup, but the one that leaves a review of 20,000+ is a bowl

Coincidentally, a seller recently said that after reading a product listing in the United States, they found it strange. They were selling water cups. As a result, the comments were all about bowls. Isn't this selling dog meat? The most important thing is that this product has reached 20,000+ reviews.

Some people speculate that the seller may be using black technology, or selling listings from the UK or other sites to the United States to achieve the effect of sharing comments. However, two products with such a big difference in style will inevitably arouse consumers to think The heart to complain.

Some time ago, a series of incidents such as the second trial of Amazon and the banning of China's top sellers followed one after another. Amazon's simple and neat method also made many sellers refrain from small actions and did not dare to act rashly and quieted down. But this May has just passed, and some sellers have begun to take risks, wanting to explore the depth of Amazon's water.

In fact, there are countless black technologies in the small heads of domestic sellers, from the initial ASIN clone and unlimited spikes, to the ads on the homepage of $0.05, FBT low-cost associations, to unlimited direct reviews, combined listings, etc. , I have to sigh that domestic people really can play.

Short-term petty profits are not to be touched, the seller said: I will cry

Black technologies emerge in endlessly, but the results of practice tell us that every black technology (with a life cycle of 3-5 months) cannot be long-lived. It is better not to touch short-term petty gains, otherwise it is you who feel sad. You have to know that Amazon has been watching you quietly from behind. Don't think that your violations will not be discovered. It is only a matter of time.

Don't worry about it, and you may lose your money. So here, the editor advises sellers who are passionate about black technology to quickly let go of their restlessness, and be quiet and be a law-abiding cabbage. Doesn't it smell fragrant? A number of sellers also published their lessons learned, hoping that sellers will not repeat the same mistakes.

The agency can be described as too clever.

Waiting for the listing to change into a dog, the money can’t come out.

I've tested it personally, and the risk is high, so I won't play it anymore.

No need to try, this method killed me 4 stores.

He died in 19 years, and now there are still people who dare to play.

Dare to go to 80,000, this is either unexpected or seeking a dead end.

According to the experience of many sellers, although the use of black technology can get short-term petty profits, in the long run, Amazon will punish it accordingly after discovering it, and listing is very likely to become a dog, and money cannot be taken. When I came out, I couldn't get my account back. I was afraid that I would just sit on the ground and cry.

Before there was a major earthquake in order to block accounts, and afterwards, the Amazon membership day was approaching. In this sensitive period, sellers still have to stick to themselves, operate in compliance, and maintain a relatively level playing field. Otherwise, they will accidentally change their accounts. If you are dead, you will lose your money, and it will be more than worthwhile.

Get it! The formal means for sellers to get reviews

The importance of review to listing is self-evident. It not only affects the ranking of the listing, but also affects the buyer's decision to place an order. For sellers, there is no review under the product, which is really a headache.

Because many buyers care about reviews, this directly affects product sales. Sellers will also find ways to improve their product reviews in order to increase product sales. After all, sales are money, and who can’t get along with it.

Some buyers said that if they buy something on their own and see that a product has 500 positive reviews, they will basically buy it directly if they turn to the first page and the second page. So how do sellers use compliant methods to get a high-quality review for themselves?

Amazon "Early Reviewer Program", each SKU seller needs to pay $60 for Amazon to help them get reviews (applicable to U.S./Japan stations, with less than 5 reviews, and products that sell for more than $9); establish Customer mailing list, send e-mails to customers who have purchased products and leave reviews, and send them review requests; find top reviewers, find Amazon top reviewers to make reviews.

Find buyers to write reviews. After buyers buy products, send a letter asking if they are willing to write reviews and guide users to leave comments; use Facebook and various forums to accumulate fan bases, build homepages, send free product information and practical dry goods attraction Fan groups to get praise from fans with pictures and even videos; gift products and discounted goods can increase product sales while increasing the possibility of getting more reviews. However, sellers also need to grasp the rules and do not violate the rules.

In addition to appealing these methods, sellers can also use compliant methods to encourage customers to share their opinions with text, pictures or videos, so as to obtain high-quality reviews and increase sales of their products.

Nowadays, the pattern of Amazon's review system is also constantly changing, prompting reviews to occupy a larger proportion of market competition. Asking for praise has become part of the daily operations of many Amazon sellers. However, in general, sellers still have to operate in compliance with regulations, carefully select products, and improve service quality to usher in a real burst of orders!

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